Aerial Golf Course Tour

Our Aerial Golf Course Offerings

From our aesthetic beauty shots to our aerial golf course tour, we have an aerial product to draw attention to your course!

The Eagle Eye Advantage  is our aerial golf course tour that offers that fresh and
different edge to your marketing campaign.
Imagine your clients seeing your course from a bird’s eye view, allowing them the opportunity to view the breathtaking landscape through low altitude aerial  videography. This “aerial tour” allows your golfers to preview your course like never before giving you a clear advantage to booking more tee times.

So Much More Than an Aerial Golf Course Tour!

The uniqueness of the Eagle Eye Advantage is
that it goes way beyond the average “satellite” image
used at so many courses. The low altitude at which we obtain your images
allows your golfers to see the progression of
each hole, from tee to green. Now, as of summer 2016, we are capturing all our video in 4K Ultra HD for even more breathtaking detail.

The result is a Virtual Golf Course Tour that will have golfers browsing your site longer and ultimately booking more tee times.

The Magic that Makes Our Aerial Golf Course Tour More Than Just a Flyover

Back in the studio is where the magic really happens and our 30 years of production experince truly shines. We artistically blend the footage with course
statistical graphics and a narration of 
different possible approaches for each hole.

The composite video files are optimized for web and mobile device playback and digitally delivered to you to ensure the fastest easiest way to get your tour out to your golfers.

Take a look at some of our 4K Eagle Eye Advantage samples to the right. Be sure to watch them in full screen mode to truly appreciate our unsurpassed quality.

For more information please contact our Owner/Executive Producer/FAA remote Pilot, Anthony Francese at 732-328-8141 or email him at