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Fully Insured, FAA “sUAS” certified pilot with 30 years of Flying and Production experience makes Artistic Expressions your easy choice for all of your Aerial Imagery needs!

Anthony J Francese, FAA certified sUAS Remote Pilot

August 29th 2016,FAA CR14 Part 107 compliant and certificate holding

2016, The Rules have changed!

The FAA introduced CFR 14 Part 107 in June of this year, with an official implementation date of August 29th. This provided businesses with official rules and regulations governing the commercial use of drones and unmanned aircraft within the United States.

In addition to putting forth clear concise operating rules for remote pilots, they also require licensing in order to commercially operate. This requires passing an Aeronautical Knowledge Exam at an FAA approved testing center and vetting by the TSA. Testing began on the 29th which is when I took and passed the exam. I was the first person to take the test at Somerset Air Services in Bedminster, NJ and one of the first in the state. I am thrilled and confident to say that in addition to legally possessing the required credentials my nearly three decades of RC flying experience sets us way above our colleagues!  

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Some Background on the Aircraft:

Our RC aircraft fleet has evolved from a series of custom built helicopters in 2005 to hexacopters in 2010.  This was a natural evolution given the advances in flight control systems, physical footprint of the aircraft, longer flight duration, and most importantly safety.  Our largest helicopter had a total length of  6 feet. It weighed 16 lbs and spun a 5' Kevlar rotor disc at 2000 rpm.  This machine had a multitude of moving parts of which any failure could end catastrophically. My knees would shake every minute it was airborne regardless of my piloting skills, pre-flight safety inspections, and the fact that I custom built/assembled every aspect of the helicopter. Thus began my constant search for a better alternative. Currently I've found that alternative in my custom built hexacopter and heavily tested RTF hexacopters.
One note of serious consideration, today anyone can walk into a hobby store or professional camera shop and walk out with a $1500 mass-produced camera drone. A drone whose manufacturer touts is ease of use because of the built in GPS flight control systems, basically anyone can be a pilot.  This is where the danger comes in.  The great majority of these pilots have never operated any type of RC vehicle, and certainly have no knowledge of the governing rules and regulations. Therefore they carelessly fly over crowds of people, over busy city buildings and streets without thought of the consequences when the system fails. Yes, I specifically said "when" and not "if" because in 29 years of piloting RC aircraft I can tell you ALL RC vehicles  will have a failure at some point in time. Wisdom and understanding regarding failure possibilities makes a huge difference in the outcome.  Being a very conscientious person and the fabricator of our custom built aircraft I can confidently say, not only have I greatly reduced the chances for mechanical failure, but I have practiced piloting/landing without the aid of auto-piloting or GPS assistance.